NISSMAT Random Thoughts

Watch Random Thoughts on NISSMAT Youtube Channel: New Year Musings The well-known French philosopher – Voltaire – had once stated that those who can make you accept absurdities, without question, can also make you commit atrocities. If you get used to accepting any absurd view without questioning and follow the same blindly, it would hinder…

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Children’s Day in India

14th November – the birthday of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru is celebrated as Children’s Day in India. Let me convey the greetings to all patrons on behalf of NISSMAT International.

Let all of us realize and affirm that every child is a unique and extremely important asset of the nation and all children have the right to develop and grow in a family environment. All of them have the right to get living conditions of happiness, love, and care. 

Health, nutrition, development, and education are undeniable rights of each and every child and it is our responsibility to provide the same.  

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