Psychology of National Integration

National Integration is a psychological and educational process and should involve the generation and development of a feeling of Unity. The concept of National Integration is holistic and multidimensional at the same time. 

India is a diverse country in terms of language, religion, caste, culture, and even cuisine. National Integration should not involve curbing and controlling dissent in society.

Democracy involves the conduct of elections. In these months we are going to see elections i.e. the “Dance of Democracy” in a number of  States. It should be the endeavor of all political parties to encourage freedom of thought & expression, rule of law, liberty, and equality – for all citizens. 

It should be the effort of all to maintain National Integration and shun any polarization on the basis of caste, creed, and religion.

Random Thought – 26th February 2022

By C Pal Singh 

President NISSMAT International


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