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NISSMAT Academy has been established with a view to conducting Online Training programs, Assessments, and appropriate University/ Authorised Certifications. It shall also establish a Library well stocked with Research papers, YouTube Training modules, and literature for Training.

education objectives

  • To perceive, plan and conduct online training programs of International Standards.
  • Formulate guidelines for Security, Safety, Management, and Applied Technology in accordance with prevailing National and International standards.
  • It shall organize Training and Educational programs on the subjects like Loss Prevention, Audits & Verifications, Risk Mitigation, Due Diligence, Cyber Disruptions & Security, Psychometric and Transactional analysis, etc.
  • NISSMAT shall appropriately use Cloud Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and other futuristic techniques and methodologies to give training on the subjects of Security, Safety, Management, and Applied Technology.

To prepare compendiums/ manuals in the field of security, safety, and applied technology.