To condemn any dissent of an opinion, as anti-patriotic, is a wrong and cynical approach. Love of your country should not be equated to the all-out endorsement of policies and programs of any dispensation in power in a country.

Patriotism is a sense of pride in your country but it does not require proof by supporting all the policies and views of a particular group. Patriotism does not require total consent to any approach, policy, or solution provided by a particular group in power. 

Patriotism and Nationalism can of course interface and can be harmonious but at times even Nationalism defined and projected by a group in any country cannot be totally equated to Patriotism. There is always a danger that heightened Nationalism may degenerate to Jingoism. 

Every citizen has a right to make a choice of its own on issues and problems without questioning their Patriotism. Patriotism is a fulsome love for the country. 

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