Terrorism is the cruelest of crimes. Assassination and mindless killings are increasing nowadays, A webinar Attacks by Radicals on Armed Forces by NISSMAT International.

The analytical studies about the psychology of Terrorists indicate the following reasons for the emergence of Terrorism attacks by radicals on armed forces:

  • The socio-economic disparity 
  • Politico-cultural background & affiliations
  • Religious and Caste fanaticism
  • Political Motivation & Encouragement i.e. 
  • Encouragement by one country, to the Terrorist activities in another country.

The following other factors also are responsible to create Terrorist:

  • Brainwashing and indoctrination
  • Political affiliation
  • Intense hatred for a particular social class or group
  • Desire for self-identification
  • Religious convictions
  • Glaring economic disparities
  • Repression & Humiliation 

The intimate relationship between politics and terrorism makes the Terrorist a big monster. After joining, a Terrorist group, this monster can threaten the Peace and Tranquility of any society. 

At the end of the 20th-century hundreds of Egyptians, Sudanese and Yemenites participated in the Afghanistan war of Jihad on the basis of religious motivation and the availability of huge financial assistance.

A study reveals that about 180 terrorist groups are operating in India. However, the following groups need special mention 

  • Jihadi Terrorism – Political Islamists make an issue of Muslims ill treatment and social injustice. They give priority to reforms and justice for Muslims by supporting terrorist activities in the name of Jihad. 
  • Left Wing Extremist Terrorism – Due to disparity between the affluent classes and those suffering from deprivations and poverty.

To curb Terrorism various studies emphasize the following points about attacks by radicals on armed forces:

  1. Need of allocating huge budgets
  2. Availability of immense resources both of manpower and technology. 
  3. Political Resolve and WILL
  4. Actionable Intelligence
  5. Synchronization of all Operations effectively 
  6. Penetration of intelligence into the Terrorist network
  7. Collection of intelligence within the limits of the country and beyond the borders of the country
  8. Winning over the hearts of the people affected by insurgency and Terrorism.

The contours of terrorists who attack the Armed forces have increased tremendously and the concerns to deal with them are increasing every day. 

Join the NISSMAT webinar on 07th Jan 2022 at 6 PM (IST) where our two learned speakers will discuss and deliberate on this important subject.

In conclusion, it can be emphasized that besides all other measures to curb Terrorism, psychological transformation is most important so as to break the collective mind will of individual terrorists.

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