On 3rd December 1971, the Indo-Pakistan war between India and Pakistan started due to pre-emptive Air Force strikes by Pakistan on Indian Air Force stations. This led to escalations of hostilities with Pakistan and the ultimate entry of the Indian Armed Forces into erstwhile East Pakistan. After 13 days of the war, India achieved a big victory when the Pakistan army signed the “Instrument of Surrender” on 16th December 1971 at Dhaka. 

Approximately 93000 Pakistani Army personnel surrendered to the Indian Army. Subsequently, the provisional government of Bangladesh was established in East Pakistan, ultimately leading to the creation of another country – Bangladesh. The then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was hailed in the Parliament as an Avatar of Goddess Durga. 
3rd December is an important day in the annals of Indian History and my thoughts on this day go to the brave soldiers of the Indian Army and late Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora who was the Indian Army General Officer Commanding-In-Chief, Eastern Command and received the “Instrument of Surrender”.

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