In the recent past, we have seen an eruption of Communal violence in many states of India. Communal riots pose a great danger to the polity and society anywhere in the world.

We have witnessed events where religious arguments become communal arguments, and then lead to communalization of the entire thought process.

There is also an alarming development in dealing with the communal riots in the recent past. Earlier and when communal riots occurred, in most of the cases, the Govt Institutions like Police and District Administration followed the principle of maintaining Neutrality (except in a very few cases like the Riots of 1984 in Delhi and the Riots of 2002 in Gujarat)

Unfortunately, now a trend is emerging where Govt. Agencies at times encourage the development of a communal situation or look away at the flaring up of a communal situation. This way of dealing with a communal situation by the Police/State Administration is a very dangerous development, a very dangerous trend, and a very dangerous way forward for society at large. We must try to check this rapidly eroding religious Neutrality of STATE Agencies.

Gandhi Ji’s version of a modern state provides an antidote to the “State-sponsored” or “Admin-supported” violence. Mahatama GANDHI advocated the creation of “RAM RAJ” (for Hindu Audience) “KHUDA RAJ” (for Muslim groups) Kingdom Of God (for Christian Audience).

India is a Land of Diversity. The guiding principle should be to have “Unity in Diversity”. There is a need for collective effort to get rid of the problem of communalism and create an atmosphere of stability. If all of us take a vow to maintain Communal Harmony, the dream of the Father of the Nation can be realized. According to the scriptures contained in Guru Granth Sahib of the Sikh religion, in every human being, there dwells an all-pervasive spirit called God – Parbrahm – Allah – Ram – Waheguru. It says “Ek pita ekas ke hum Balak”. This forges common bonds without discrimination of any caste, creed, or religion. SUCH A SPIRIT OF UNIVERSALITY IS A DIRE NEED IN INDIA TODAY.

Random Thought – 28th April 2022

By C Pal Singh 

President NISSMAT International


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