My thoughts today, go to some issues which have shaken the country. Recently religion seems to have become part of political discourse of political parties.


This should not happen at all as it weakens the neatly woven fabric & beautiful patterns of Indian society. All religions should thrive without any discrimination in the country.



Unfortunately some indiscreet and probably inadvertent remarks on some TV channels have touched the sensitivities of a community and aroused deep anger in them.



The aggrieved community should not face further discrimination and ill treatment from bigots. The Govt of India should not allow to escalate the outrage from the aggrieved segment of society. 



The TV episode and remarks by an individual, have brought disrepute to India – a secular democracy and this has put to shame – “Bharat Mata” which stands for tolerance & respect for all religions. 



Mixing religion with politics can be an Explosive Cocktail and it should be avoided by all political parties in the interest of Welfare & Unity of India.


President , NISSMAT

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