Police – Interstate Coordination(India)

Police is a state subject under list 2 schedule 7th of the constitution and the police functioning is governed under the Police Act of 1861.

In the last few months conflicting situations have arisen between police forces of different states. 

Even enquiries by CBI (Central Bureau of Investigations) follow the Code of Criminal Procedure – thus making it a police agency.Some states have withdrawn the “General consent” for Investigations by CBI and specific case to case permission for Investigation from such states, is required by CBI.

A few weeks back Punjab police arrested at Delhi – Tajinder Bagga – leader of a political party, in a case registered against him in Punjab. 

Delhi police registered a counter case of abduction/kidnapping against Punjab police alleging that Punjab police did not follow the protocol of informing the Delhi police before this arrest. The Punjab police party was intercepted by the Haryana police on the request of Delhi police. The alleged accused Bagga was taken over by Haryana police and handed over to Delhi police. A case in the High Court filed by Punjab police against Haryana police is pending. 

Recently Punjab Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi was permitted to be interrogated by Delhi police inside the Tihar jail. Punjab police however could get remand of Bishnoi much later, for his interrogation in Singer Sidhu Moose Wala murder case – in Punjab. 

Above incidents indicate how mutual courtesy by Police forces of different states is lacking and is  being thrown to the winds which can be dangerous.Such face-off between police forces is to the advantage of criminals and it weakens police effectiveness considerably to deal with law & order situations. 

There is a great need to devise a system of Coordination between the State police forces . Perhaps on the lines of “Interpol”, an agency can be created in India under the name of “IndiaPol”. It could be one step forward to create coordination between police forces of all the States without affecting the Federal system and keeping the police as a “State subject” as is laid down in the constitution. 

By C Pal Singh

President NISSMAT (International)

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