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New Year Musings

The well-known French philosopher – Voltaire – had once stated that those who can make you accept absurdities, without question, can also make you commit atrocities.

If you get used to accepting any absurd view without questioning and follow the same blindly, it would hinder your independent thinking and expression. Thus, your rational thoughts must be expressed freely without any servitude.

Let us project our reasoned out, knowledgeable thoughts, without any fear which should add to existing harmony in the society. It should not result in creating conflicts and disharmony – ultimately committing atrocities to any person belonging to any caste, creed, or religion. Let the liberal-minded speak out. Let the rigid and bigots listen.

Last year we have all remained under the threat of Covid and under constant suppression. The year 2022 is still under the shadow of Covid of different variants.

Let us hope and pray that we enter the next year happily and are able to raise a toast to the year 2023 without any fear.

Wish you all a safe year 2022 and a Happy & Bright year 2023!!

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