The list of Ministers as announced by the Taliban has a 50 member Cabinet.

This Cabinet is dominated by the Haqqani network and has thus become a bone of contention between supporters of Baradar and Khalil-ur-Rahman Haqqani.

It is learnt from reports that at one point during the discussions Khalil Haqqani  rose up and started punching Taliban Leader – Mullah Baradar. This resulted in the Bodyguards of the two sides firing on each other – thereby wounding and killing a number of persons.

The domination of the Haqqani network and the sidelining of Dhoha group Baradar are the main issue of contention.

Taliban has also announced that the “Taliban of today is no different from the Taliban of yesterday”. It means their ideology and Shariat Laws shall dominate in the present Afghanistan also.

The above developments have compelled Western Nations and International organizations to, presently, withhold the recognition of the Taliban regime. Further the financial assistance proposed to be provided to Taliban also stands deferred for sometime. 

Role of ISI, the rising factionalism within Taliban, encouragement to the extremist elements, demand of imposition of Shariat Laws are a cause of anxiety and concern to India.

The emerging scenario in Taliban shall be closely watched by India for sometime before taking any decision regarding future relationships between India & Afghanistan.

October 14, 2021 11:39 am / by C Pal Singh

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