5G is the Fifth Generation of Cellular network which is a hundred times faster than 4G and shall create tremendous opportunities for everyone. 

Faster connectivity, greater Bandwidth shall transform working in almost every organization. This shall dramatically enhance day to day functioning of Businessmen. With 5G Technology shall also create a safer, smarter, and sustainable future. 

5G is going to reshape our professional and personal lives with quicker connectivity and enhanced videos. 

Imagine billions of connected devices gathering and sharing information in real-time resulting in the reduction of road accidents, increase in life-saving applications, safer flights, smarter electricity grids, connectivity of Vehicles to reduce accidents and collisions, anticipation and warning of Natural disasters. 

Other areas shall include Drone services to support emergencies, warning in Real-time about faults in any machinery, routing of goods and supplies as per actual environmental conditions, remote access to powerful Robots, etc. 

Adverse Impact of 5G on Health

The radio waves will be transmitted through a network or fixed antennas and towers.

Exposing population to electromagnetic fields which are classified as Carcinogenic.

October 7, 2021, 8:18 am / by C Pal Singh

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