Gandhi Jayanti

On this special day of 2nd October – when we are celebrating the 153rd Gandhi Jayanti, I wish to share some of my thoughts with you.

Today on the Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi – a Nationalist and an Ethicist – we should ponder over the principles, the ethics and the values preached and practiced by the Father of the Nation.

Gandhi ji sacrificed his life for adhering and following the principles of brotherhood. He never deflected from his ideals. 

At a time when oppression, hatred and violence are increasing in India – nay – in the entire world, the values propounded by Mahatma are important. We should reflect, assimilate and follow true values of humanity and participate in the efforts to promote greater good and reject negation of human rights and values. Gandhi ji is more relevant today as he inspires a vision. Gandhi ji had said that all through History the way of truth and love has always been victorious. 

This day is also celebrated as the International day of Non violence. Let us dedicate ourselves to the principles of Non violence, Satyagrah and Equality for All on this day. 

By C Pal Singh

President NISSMAT (International)

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