Coming Soon!!!! Legal Provisions for Self Defense

Self-defense is the right of individuals to protect themselves from suffering harm by counteracting with a limited amount of force. It refers to the use of force to repel an attack or imminent threat of attack directed against oneself, others, or a legally protected interest.

Though it is the primary duty of the State to protect the life & property of its citizens, the State cannot keep a watch on each & every activity of all the citizens. Thus, the right of self defense is exercised The individual exercising their right to private defense must have a reasonable conviction that such force is required to protect themselves or others.This means that they cannot use force based on a simple suspicion or conjecture of an assault.

The right to private defense does not include the use of deadly force unless there is a threat of death or serious bodily harm. The law mandates that following conditions be met for a claim of self-defense to be valid: – Imminent Threat: The threat must be immediate and impending, leaving no reasonable option but to defend oneself or another. Proportionality: The force used should be proportionate to the danger posed. Excessive force is not justified under the law. Reasonable Belief: The defender must genuinely believe that there is a threat of harm or injury Extent of Force:

The law stipulates that the extent of force used should not exceed what is necessary to fend off the threat. It enables one to navigate dangerous situations and avoid possible physical assaults. Thus, the concept of self-defense and defense of others is used in criminal law as a defense to justify the necessary and proportionate use of force. Thus, the Right to private defense cannot be said to be an offense in return.The right of self-defense under various sections of law is provided under the Indian Penal Code.

Our Speaker, Mr. C Pal Singh, ex-IGP, Punjab, & Rapid Action Force, shall elucidate and deliberate on this subject in the discussions with Mr. Pawanjit Ahluwalia, Moderator of this session.

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