“What works Today will not work Tomorrow – A Business Perspective” on Friday , 30th September , 2022 , 6:00 PM IST

Your business would need a shake up in future. 

The prevailing systems shall need revamping. The transition always causes some tension as any restructuring needs changing the present systems and even existing organizational structure. This is likely to create some turmoil. 

Any revamping always requires significant time and passion to work on the new initiatives. 

The need to keep your employees motivated and engaged, the need to put the right people at the right seat for the right role shall require an intelligent thought process.

The work for tomorrow is generally veiled behind a shroud of uncertainty. Further it continues to change and redefine. We are thus faced with a big question, “Where we are heading and What we are required to do for adapting ourselves to the future”.

Some key requirements for adapting the new restructuring are – to Unlearn and Relearn – Use of existing experience – Talent management for attaining new goals – Talent Mobility from one role to another – adaptation of faster and better technology – use of Creativity – ensuring collaboration and effective communication.

Nobody plans for the mistakes. The mistakes just happen and they happen at the worst possible time. Unfortunately we do not want to anticipate any failure or mistakes. It is important that any business organization should always be ready to handle multiple types of crisis that may occur in future. 

Nothing is certain today. The only certainty in the world today, is change. What could work today could be a failure tomorrow. Continuous testing and risks shall be essentially involved in the process as what works today may not work tomorrow. You have to stay curious and innovative so as to salvage the present position.

Our learned speakers Col Sunil Sharma (Retd), Mr Anil Puri & Mr. Rajeev Thakur shall analyze and deliberate on โ€œWhat works Today will not work Tomorrow – A Business Perspectiveโ€ on 30th September 2022 at 6 PM (IST).

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